A list of our favorite go-to websites for fantasy baseball research.

Click on logos for links to respective resources.

download is our most used site for player research. From standard to advanced stats this site has it all. BABIP, GB%, HR-FB% SwStrk%, you name it they have it. On top of all the stats are very informative and well-written articles that will give you insight to players and other news in the league. Easily my favorite site for fantasy research.

Daily closer updates! has everything closer related. Stay ahead of the curve with their text message updates, it’s free!

Go to to check MLB team rosters. Check closer depth charts, recent transactions, DL updates and much more. The amount of roster related information on this site helps us stay up to date with every team in the MLB.

Baseball HQ (paid service, free newsletter) for news, stats, solid research and projections. is a great resource for statcast metrics, player matchups and advanced stats. pThe home page will give you detailed notes on daily pitching matchups. Want to know Tanakas walk percentage against the current Red Sox lineup? This is your spot. Be sure to check out the ‘Applications’ tab for some interesting information like the Sprint Speed Leaderboard.

Looking for downloadable ADP information, this is not only a platform for playing fantasy baseball but a great source of ADP data.

Looking to learn more about advanced stats and how they can be applied to fantasy baseball? Look no further, this is a great glossary hosted by that provides a great basis for each advanced statistic.